Quetta hotel blast was a suicide attack: Shaikh Rasheed.


QUETTA: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said Thursday the blast that took place a day earlier in the parking of a hotel, was a suicide bomb attack.

The minister was holding a news conference to discuss the Quetta bomb blast from last night, which killed five and injured 12 others.

Rasheed pointed towards India’s activities aimed at destabilising Pakistan, saying that during the past eight to 10 days, an estimated 250,000-300,000 social media accounts were created in India. He said these were efforts to destabilise Pakistan from within “by foreign elements”.

“These foreign forces cannot see Pakistan prosper and progress,” said the minister.

Rasheed said the Ministry of Interior had placed all 22 law enforcement institutions under its jurisdiction, which include the FC, Rangers, Coastal Guards and others to remain on “high alert”.

He said Pakistan was a great nation and with the help of its great armed forces and intelligence agencies, will thwart all evil designs as well as conspiracies being hatched in India, against it.

Updating the masses about the casualties and the wounded in the blast, Rasheed said out of the 11 who were injured, six had left the hospital after getting treated.

“The rest are in hospital, out of which only two to three are in a critical state,” he said.

Interior minister clarified the Chinese ambassador was in Quetta for the past few days and is safe. He rejected speculation that the Chinese ambassador was at the hotel when the blast took place, saying that the diplomat was somewhere else.

The minister said a forensic investigation was being conducted into the attack, adding that so far, the terrorists have not been identified yet.



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