Dr Kaleem Imam at the closing ceremony of EU-Act Project:

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Islamabad: November 26, 2021

While addressing the closing ceremony of the Project European Union-Action against Drugs and Organised Crime (EU-ACT) which has been up and about for the last three years, the Secretary said that “During this time, there have been significant achievements”.

He continued by saying that most of us know the EU-ACT Project being primarily focused on prevention of drugs smuggling through the Southern route. However, the project has also invested on Drugs Demand Reduction and International Cooperation.

He appreciated the fact that the design of EU-ACT Project perfectly aligned with the three pillars of the National Anti-Narcotics Policy, 2019 of the Government of Pakistan. Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam appreciated the fact that the Project was also attended by the six Master Trainers who have graduated as experts on the UNPLUGGED programme which is focused on drugs prevention in educational institutions.

The secretary said that drug demand reduction and awareness are most needed at this level. He further said that the Project has remained largely successful and I congratulate all those who have made tireless efforts in achieving this end. In particular, the efforts of NCA (National Crime Agency) being the delivery agency of the Project in Pakistan, are worth appreciating. A variety of support activities for MNC, ANF and other LEAs have been carried out during this period.

While mentioning successful projects of Training on New Psychoactive Substances in November, 2019 in Islamabad where four leading European experts on the subject trained over 200 LEA officials from across the country, organizing the 4th session of Trans-Regional Operational Meeting of the countries of the Southern Route in Karachi in February, organizing the Maritime Coordination Workshop in Karachi in February, 2021 which generated important discussion amongst ANF, Pakistan Coast Guards, Pakistan Customs and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency on prevention of narcotics smuggling through sea routes, provision of solar panels for the ANF Academy, motorbikes for surveillance by ANF field staff and IT equipment for use by MNC and ANF and the UNPLUGGED trainings by the HOGENT trainers who have trained more than 220 educationists on drug prevention in educational institutions since August, this year.

Additionally, the Project has also facilitated participation of officers of MNC and ANF in international events of high significance including the Annual Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Sub-Commission, HONLEA meetings, SCO meetings and other bi-lateral and multi-lateral events on various occasions during these last three years.

The secretary said that I am hopeful that the Project would soon launch its next phase and continue cooperation with MNC and ANF in order to address the situation of narcotics trafficking keeping in view of the regional situation which can be termed as being fluid at best.

Towards the end he thanked Dr. Christian von Rattz, Representative EU-Delegation to Pakistan, Mr. Osman Ahmed, Country Manager, National Crime Agency, Mr. Francisco Lopez from the Embassy of Spain in Islamabad, Mr. Peer van der Kreeft, Ghent University, Mr. Tom Carter, Team Leader EU-ACT Project, Mr. Andy Hart, Representative of FIIAPP and all those who made successful execution of this project possible.



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