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Fawad for Cooperation with Huawei in the Realm of Technology.

Islamabad: May 05, 2021 Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting in a meeting with a delegation comprising senior representatives from Huawei Technologies...

WHO,ICRC to setup International Medical Corridor for Kashmiris trapped in Covid-19.

Islamabad: May 05, 2021 Pakistan on Wednesday urged the United Nations, WHO and ICRC to take cognizance of the deteriorating medical supplies for the people...

Prime Minister message on the OCCASION of Labour Day 1ST MAY, 2021

Islamabad: May 01, 2021 1st May reminds us of the sacrifices, bravery and commitment of the workers who laid down their lives for upholding their...

Israel, Mount Meron: Crush kills 45 people at Jewish event:

Hundreds of buses stretched over miles of winding road were ferrying thousands of worshipers off Mount Meron in northern Israel on Friday after 45 people were...

The prime minister address to the nation after over a dozen police officers were taken hostage:

Islamabad: The prime minister's address to the nation came a day after over a dozen police officers were taken hostage by the supporters of a...

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